Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sahalie Falls and More

It's 0745, and we are at the Lane County Vet Services office. We were told we'd be first in line for a walk-in appointment if we did so - the only kind Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) seem to give. We weren't told that though we'd be first in line, appointments wouldn't BEGIN until 0900. ::snort::

Whitney was worth the wait. We received clarity on our unusual situation, advice for moving forward and encouragement from knowing someone in the system CARED about our claim and would work with us until it is settled. 

We had planned to be in Springfield by 1000 ready to begin today's adventure. It was 1030 when we left the office. Arielle wasn't able to come up with us - she had to work. Go figure. 

The rest of us packed a lunch and headed up Hwy 126 for the Willamette National Forest - Sahalie Falls to be exact. I kept having to correct myself as I thought of them as "Sahady's Falls" and though Father Mark would love these falls, I doubt they were named for him. ::wink:: We also drew a complete blank on locating the falls on either our fancy GPS or on my smart phone.  Hmmm, we will need to start adding these sort of points of interest and sending them into Rand McNally.

 Our first sight of the falls

Dad, Mom, Larissa, Jared
 BreZaak and their neighbors, the K's met us at the falls
Will and girls - cute girls but I won't post face shots as I forgot to get permission
 My man and I at the falls

Mom, Michael, Me, Dad
 Some of the gang
Stacia, me, Michale, Alex, Nolan, Jared, Larissa
 Bella's first hike
Izaak, Bella, Bre
 Stacia loved her new-found height

From above - needed a wider lens

THIS is a moment sure to live in family stories. Nolan is calling Mom's phone - her phone is somewhere in the falls...  Apparently, it "accidentally" was dropped over the edge.

Somewhere down here - no luck finding it

Odd hikers one meets

Michael and Jared

JaRissa - such a sweet young couple

Michael and Mom 

Snack stop - for the love of God - lighten my back pack! LOL 
 We planned to look for a park, river, or lake to visit on the way home. Half of our group found one - the other half didn't....but that's o.k.  There is a driving tour of covered bridges I've been wanting to do. We happened upon two of the bridges and Michael stopped so we could get photos. Love that man!
Belknap Covered Bridge

Goodpasture Island Bridge

JaRissa and Lassie catch a few zzzzs on the way back to town

We may have stopped at a traditional DQ spot on main street with Mom, Dad and Lorri - ah the memories.  We came back to our new campsite and settled in for a bit of Bocce. Nolan won. 

Perhaps not a very inspiring view, but the game was a lot of fun.

Stacia had been asking for "Mafia" since Saturday. We humored her and made some fun memories in The Caboose.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016 (Games, Food and Wedding Planning)

We tossed around several ideas on how to spend the day. Invariably, the responses went something like this, "That will be  crowded,"  or "You need to stay off the roads!" In the end, we decided I would start a couple of tri-tip roasts early in the day, and we'd have tri-tip sandwiches at Mom and Dads. 

We had a somewhat lazy morning. Sherri and I made a quick run to the grocery store. Larissa went out for coffee with Bre and Bella.  Eventually we went over to Mom and Dads...They've been watching Yuuki for us, so we can keep Bleeker - JaRissa's cat. It was funny to see Yuuki, Mom and Dad's pugs and Lassie, our grand dog, in one spot.  

Yuuki and Lassie finally meet

We have been having gorgeous weather - unusual for OR.  None of us were really sure of the croquet rules - but we had fun trying. Mom eventually looked the rules up online. We may have liked Gherkin House Rules better. ::wink::

These three preferred a well-deserved nap to a game
Dad, Jared, Michael 
 So sweet of Arielle and Larissa to play Candyland with Stacia

Some of us played Farkle

Dinner was good - the men went to move the trailer from Will and Sherri's back to our campground.

 Meanwhile, we talked WEDDING!!!! and it was fun! Arielle has set a tentative date - which I'll announce if and when all the pieces fit together for it to be a "firm date."  Larissa's tips and insights were invaluable!
Larissa, me, Arielle

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Family Cookout

Josiah drove down from Seattle last night. He and Jared wanted to take Cory out for breakfast today. Their day began early.  It's hard to get to know the whole family when the family is spread across four states. I'm glad the boys and Cory had this time to get to know each other.  

The rest of us went to first service at Calvary...and then home to plan for the big ole family potluck/ cookout. 

Sherri - our sister in law 
 Dad, Josiah and Michael enjoying the gorgeous weather

Larissa, Nolan, Jared
 Will grilled a variety of meats

Lassie - the grand dog and Harmony and Stacia 


Bella was not feeling great 

Cy, Bre, Jared, Larissa
 Arielle and Cory - she needed to nap before heading to a long shift

CoRielle left so Arielle could work. BreZaak headed home as Bella wasn't feeling well. Cy left to head back to Seattle as he has to work tomorrow. The rest of us hung out and continued to enjoy each other's company. 

After dinner Bocce 
Michael, Alex, Nolan, Jared, Larissa
It was a truly blessed Sunday. This was our "Memorial Day" celebration.....so everyone who has to WORK can relax on Monday.....