Friday, September 27, 2013

Perfect Day in Crescent City

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in Crescent City! No overcast, no wind and no rain. We headed over to the house bright and early to wake up Grandma. 

"U Pick" orchards in Japan are like fresh produce buffets. You pick whatever you can eat right there on the spot. We loved them. Grandma's yard felt like being at a Japanese u-pick. 

Michael spent the morning visiting with her while I went with the kids down the river. For Yuuki this meant smelling every bush, twig and rock along the path. 

 The neighbor's dog, Arrow, adopted us.  He played fetch for hours. It looked like so much fun to Yuuki at one point...SHE jumped in to get a stick....brought it back....barked around in circles and refused to do it again. ::snort::

Yuuki rolls in the sand to get the water off

Poor Yuuki was having a blast off her leash. She was racing up and down the beach...but it got to be too much for Arielle. Can't you almost hear Yuuki saying, "Ah, c'mon - put me down!"

"Ah MAN, ARIELLE, Arrow is going to see me being carried like a fru-fru dog, PUT ME DOWN!"

Plenty of room for a bit of practice. 

A view I've not tired of in 30 years. We've spent many happy afternoons diving off of "Big Rock" and laying on the sandy beach. We didn't get the row boat out today.

 Stacia asked if she could find a few rocks to take home to paint. I agreed. Arrow, however, thought the rocks were a new game and kept jumping up, knocking them out of her hands, and burying them.

Arrow through the target - way to go Zander!

We enjoyed our picnic lunch on Mom G's patio.  We spent the afternoon picking apples, moving bear scat, cutting out elm trees and starts, transplanting bushes, raking shavings, etc. 

The kids and I went off on a walk sometime in the afternoon. We were sad to be reminded we can't walk in the Stout Grove with a dog. Apparently, dogs on leashes pose serious threats to Giant Redwood trees.

Michael and the kids headed to town in the van. Mom G and I headed to town in her car - which I like!  We met up at the Grotto for dinner. We had hoped to watch the sun set from the restaurant. It turns out they close all the windows as the sun begins setting. ::snort::

We headed over to Battery Point and watched the sunset there. We also saw a raccoon! Stacia found three pieces of sea glass for me. The lighthouse was pretty. The ocean was gorgeous.

We keep looking around for the five missing children these days.....

Photo Bomb ::snort:: 

A very full day. 
Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Jared Update

I am sorry to leave those of you who may read the blog and are praying for Jared hanging. I forget some connect only this way and not with texts and Facebook. 

Jared is at home.  He had a bit of frustration navigating the insurance system...but is on a great course now. We are praising God for a Christian doctor whose family we know through running co-ops in TX. This doc happens to practice on the base and he was able to see Jared, refer him to the cardiologist, help Jared understand the tri-care system and he explained all that the other doc had said in a way Jared could understand. I think best of all if feeling that you are being HEARD. 

Jared is wearing a heart monitor.  He and I were expecting a watch, I guess. ::snort:: Those of you in the know - know that this involves stickers, wires and not getting wet. He's not loving it - but we're hopeful it will provided needed info. He is taking Dronedarone. All diagnosis are speculations at this point - so we'll just ask that you continue to pray for accurate clarity. 

I found it funny that Jared gave a speech in debate. Knocked it out of the park. He then received a call from the heart monitoring office asking what he was doing to elevate his heart rate. ::snort::  He is not allowed to serve at work as there is the potential of getting the monitor wet.  

He is scheduled for an echo cardiogram on Monday. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...