Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is What I'm Doing...

I am  "tickled pink" that God blessed me with a travel partner for part of this adventure. Mary is going home for a family emergency and will fly out from Tokyo tomorrow. We'll take the train up to Tokyo together. 

Misawa Station 

At the Hachinohe Station we'll grab the shinkansen (bullet train)...it's my personal goal to get through these things without having the bar lock up on me this trip. LOL 

We'll ride the shinkansen all the way in to Ueno Station in Tokyo. I'm EXCITED to BE AT UENO station...for months we've practiced the helpful Pimsleur phrase of "Ueno eiki wa doko desuka?"  - Where is Ueno station? I'm praying I won't need THAT phrase but it will be a joy to SEE the place....

Mary and I will part at Ueno Station. I'll take the subway deeper into Tokyo and she'll head to Narita airport. 

 After 28 minutes underground I'll emerge near here; and may need to practice my "wa doko desuka" phrase. 

I'm told it's a 1/4 mile or a 7-10  min walk from the last station to this hotel.....

This trip is for the purpose of meeting with  Juliet, our regional conference coordinator, the conference team at the hotel, and area ladies. I will seek to encourage local ladies, we'll work hard gathering all info we need and making decisions for Asia Region's first Conference, and I bet we have a bit of fun along the way. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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