Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Day Arrived

I tell family I take a photo of bread every morning so if I have no other photos in a day, I at least have ONE photo for the blog. 

Yes, that day arrived! Here's a photo! ::snort::  The one on the right rose beautifully, but I forgot to bake it due to "The List," trying to work out and just keeping up with the morning routine. When I remembered, it had over-proofed and deflated. I baked it anyway. It was a bit dense, but we got a meal out of it. The one on the left is the loaf I baked this was on the verge of deflating. It actually had started to shrink but I threw it in the oven before it was totally flat. 

I DID  3.25 miles on the treadmill...and that was an accomplishment as the pedi gal "sanded" the back of my heel and it hurts to wear shoes! LOL 

I wanted to make significant progress on "The List" before Thursday and Friday. I have. I balanced our checkbook. I HAVE kept Dad's bills current, but I haven't done any of the bookwork since Oct 18th. I didn't have the mental/emotional energy. I simply paid all his bills, bought all the things he needed and kept receipts. Today, I got all his receipts entered into his expense tracker, balanced his checking account and paid ourselves some HEFTY reimbursements... honestly, he hadn't paid for anything in 5 months...and that solved the mystery of why things felt TIGHT in our checking when they shouldn't have.😏 I have a few things I still want to get done before Friday...make the appointment with our accountant for taxes, pack and mail a package, and gather all the tax stuff. I am getting it done - and it feels good.  

While I worked on the computer - I broke every 15-30 minutes to stretch sourdough.  I have a loaf which will ferment overnight and hopefully not OVERproof so that it doesn't look sunken and "flabby.". πŸ˜‚

Allie worked on homework 

Stacia worked on homework and then had a Japanese class and her counseling appointment. She was to meet up with Nolan, Alex and Krista for dinner after her appointment - maybe. 

Michael had an appointment then ran to Walmart for rice flour (I can't find it locally).  I popped a quick pizza in the oven for Dad and Allie. Michael and I grabbed food and ran out to lifegroup. 

We pulled up in good time this week. We discovered lifegroup had been cancelled. I need to make it a practice to check text messages before leaving home. We had a nice visit with Lynn, our leader, and then came home for a leisurely night. 

Meanwhile Krista sent photos...they had dinner, went for a walk and then stopped at Big Dipper. Those of us at home opted for a bit of quiet introvert time at the end of a busy day. 

Nolan, Krista, Stacia, Alex πŸ“·by Krista

It looks like break up! πŸ“·by Krista

Everyone is settling to finish homework or go to bed...Michael is catching up on YouTube and working a crossword puzzle. I think I'll go see if I can find a flat rate box before I settle down to read. 

1. Michael filled my car with gas! 

2. Allie watched GG so we could try to attend lifegroup - just that little bit of time alone was helpful. 

3. The crossed off items on "The List" are growing. 

4. Krista picked up a pair of clearance running shoes for me at the BX... saving me a trip to the BX. 

5. Family - I am incredibly thankful for family today. The relationships I have with each of them, the relationships they have with each other.