Saturday, October 23, 2021

Baking and Games

 Josiah and Liv came out to visit today while Carrie is working.  Stacia  baked a little cake for them to decorate. She taught Livie how to make a fondant rose. 

CoRielle dropped by too.  Benny loves to bake and cook. I wanted him to feel involved so handed him the pumpkin of candy corn. I love the concentration on their faces...well Liv is a sugar monster. LOL 

Benny is a bit sheepish about how carried away he got! I was proud of the girls for encouraging his creativity.  Next time I'll give him a set number to put on the cake. 

It's always fun when the "big Gherkins" drop by.  Josiah brought a game this time. We played a rousing game of Taboo Junior together. I actually enjoyed it better than Taboo and all were able to play. 

Cory, Stacia, Liv, Allie, Danny, Arielle, Cy, Benny 

It did take a bit of cooperation for Benny to participate, but he hung in there well and accepted help from his teammates. 

This was a relaxing end to a great week. I am realizing anew how truly blessed we are to have these people  nearby. LOL