Saturday, June 04, 2022

Extra Snippets from the Week

 It's been a week of discovering a new love and appreciation for gardening. I fill the basket with what we need to carry outside each morning. 

Lovely bouquet from Benny. 

It's FANTASTIC to have this space for transplanting. I also love the feel of the tropics - it's always humid and hot in the greenhouse. 

The boys had another great playdate. 
📷by Arielle

Our sweet daughter in laws on Memorial Day. 
Larissa and Carrie 📷by Carrie

Jojo at 18 months - BreZaak's youngest - his favorite toy - the broom. 
📷by Bre

This girl with the dirt on her face - I think she's got the gardening gene. She's a girl after my heart..."I don't need a shower, Mommie." 
📷by Bre - Annie at 3

One never knows what will come down the street. A good lesson for our student driver, Stacia, to learn. 

I bought this organizer for $15 - usually $41 - on our foray to Micahel's. It excites me to organize. I have just been taping seed packets shut and throwing them in the junk drawer, then buying more. I've lost seeds a couple of times this season. No more. 

The southeast side of our yard smells like lilacs...

We have had 2 1/2 full weeks of FANTASTIC weather. High 70's which is amazing for this time of year in Alaska. Many are saying it may be another hot summer. This next week has rain in the forecast. I'm looking forward to a bit of rain. 

Gideon is FIVE!

We celebrated this little astronaut turning five today! He's come a long way from the NICU.  We were slated to be at BreZaak's when Gideon was born. At that time, we knew the family was going to migrate to Alaska over the summer.  JaRissa were already up here. Michael and I came up to buy a home we could all land in while we found jobs etc. While up here we got a call and Bre was in labor - early. Gideon is full of surprises!  And this means we have LIVED here for nearly FIVE years! 

I didn't take many pictures, but the cookie Bre made and decorated was cute AND yummy!  ACK - Mom has the camera in my face. LOL 
Annie and Uncle Nolan 

We are still so excited and blessed to live close enough to attend birthday parties for the grands! GG got up and came with us. I was excited to get him out of the house - the first time in 3 weeks. 

Yes, Stacia and I did spend time in the garden before the party. Michael came out too and hacked away at a tree/bush in the middle of the west side of the garden space. 

Today's essentials

We planted 7 hills of Delicata squash, 4 hill of yellow summer squash, and 6 hills of Kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin I love).  

Millie had to be chained up today. She simply couldn't behave. 90% was accident - but we've put in a lot of hard work, and I didn't want her leaping through beds. The only places left to tackle in the garden are the wilds of the west week. 

The chickens love the watermelon rinds...I'm still amazed how Pietro stands watch over the hens while they eat all the treats. 

Something is getting into the Bok Choy. I turned the leaf over and don't see any bugs or slugs. Most of the little holes are in the middle of the leaves. Any ideas what is causing it and what I can do about it? 

It's been another beautiful day up here. It was 81* in our yard.  We watched a Hallmark mystery and called it a day...or will shortly.