Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Day In Paradise!

We're really doing it - making this schedule work. 

My morning routine went as planned - with the addition of our new little neighbor walking in my patio door at 07:15. ::snort:: I'm training her to check the sign on the door. 

We got a full day of school done. We even walked down to see the neighborhood pony after studying about ungulates in Science. 

I got some regional ministry done. 

We spent an hour or two at the beach. We are officially the die hards of Misawa...not one other person in the ocean! This may be our last chance so though it was a bit chilly - we went. 

The fortress still stands....

We made it home in time to take Mackenzie and the kids to PYOC (youth).

 I worked on PCOC (Protestant Children of the Chapel) stuff while the kids were at youth. I'm going to be in the pre-school room until either 1. January or 2. they hire a Children's Ministry Coordinator. I think my ducks are in a fairly good row. ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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