Friday, December 23, 2011

The Gift of a Christmas Verse

I met Ginger when she was serving on Kadena Air Base's PWOC board.  She is a jewel. 

She suggests giving the gift of a Christmas Verse to each of our family members. I read this late and so may not have it done by tomorrow...but love the whole idea. I HAVE had and prayed special verses for each child and Michael through the years...but I've never made them a "gift" to share.  Ginger's idea of asking God to give you a verse from the Christmas story for each person is great. Read for yourself.  Ginger even offers suggestions for those of us who are behind the curve ball.  I've been working on this and don't know that I'll have 11 picked out - but I enjoyed thinking and reading this a.m. 

I LOVE Ginger's idea of keeping a little photo album with the verses we are praying for our children. I have these written in a journal but a little book could be nice....or maybe one more thing to keep track of. Anyway - check out the link. 

Ginger has another fun idea for a Christmas - A Grab Bag....

I haven't limited myself to the Christmas story. 2014

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