Friday, January 04, 2019

11th Day of Christmas - Fun, Family, Friends, COLD

My buddy braved the -2* cold to help me with chickens this morning. 
Beth and I - 37 years of friendship
 These two enjoyed a mid-afternoon wrestling match....I don't know. 
Krista and Stacia
 Beth showed me how she makes quesadillas

They began a game of Flash Point this afternoon....played throughout the afternoon and after dinner. 

They won - everyone out, fire out and no casualties - without a ghost player. 

When the kids finished the game we thought it time to search for a couple of scavenger hunt gifts.

Their clue was: Spare Lumens....and they found the gift in the hall closet where the light-bulbs are stored.

Gift - The annual Dilbert calendar! 

The next clue was: I was once in Wyoming. They didn't get it. Then Michael hinted "We'll see who has been listening to mom's stories." Still nothing. 

Arielle came up to help. She commented we were "world traveling pack rats" - how were they supposed to remember what came from Wyoming? Hmph. LOL  It was the cane furniture that my Great Aunt Della had in her boarding house/ restaurant in Buffalo, Wyoming in the early 1900's.  They thought it came from the Philippines.  Arielle and Stacia nearly dismantled the furniture, but they found the gift - Incredibles 2.  An added bonus is they are sure to remember the story from here on out.