Sunday, March 11, 2018

March's Birthday Dinner

A broken snow shovel is a sure sign Spring is around the corner? We hope. 

We have quite a bit of snow piled up. The weather is predicted to get warmer this week. Michael wanted the snow moved, so it didn't melt and run into the foundation/basement windows etc. After church, he, Nolan and Alex got started.

Izaak, Josiah, Jamin and Jared joined them in the endeavor. I think. I only see Izaak and Cy here. LOL 

RiskOpoly was next up.

We skipped the games and enjoyed a visit with Josiah. 

Cory's first session with the pig hat
Cory is our March Birthday celebrant!!!! We postponed the dinner by one week as he had to work last Sunday night.  He requested pancakes and bacon the first time. We went ahead with the dinner choice. It was a trial run.... we discovered 3 lbs of bacon was not enough.  This week, I made Dutch Babies  (took 30 eggs) and 5 lbs of bacon. Izaak came up to cook the bacon. I think we hit the numbers right. 

Cory is working nearly full time (over time some weeks, 30 hours other weeks), going to school full time  - he's busy! We're proud of him and the way he manages his time to succeed at work, school AND being a dad and husband. Even on this night, he was racing the clock to get a paper submitted by 8 p.m. AK time - midnight EST. 
Whoa! Food on fire! What's up with THIS? 

Though it was Cory's birthday, I think Bella got the best gift. Here she sees a new pink wonder. 

Uncle Cy brought her a pink tricycle! He hopes to move into the favorite uncle spot.