Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Another Day at Home

This day was odd - everyone woke up earlier than their normal time. I applaud the trend...but it threw off my daily rhythm. Its a challenge to adjust to the new norm...as far as my morning routine. LOL

We homeschool under a state charter school.  I haven't turned in a single receipt all year. Today, I got them ALL in...two Sonlight orders,  two Rainbow orders, nine months of Internet, and eight months of Japanese lessons for two students. I didn't procrastinate - I was saving up that money for a quarantine.  rainy day. It will be nice to have it hit our account in a month or so.

Krista made three more videos for her class.  Stacia served as the cameraman as I was determined to get a work out in.

Michael worked on a sermon.

I plodded away on the elliptical during President Trump's press briefing on Covid19.  I started rice in the Instant Pot and the girls and I walked down to get the mail. I came inside at the house - 1 1/3 miles...they continued on while I got dinner in the oven.  The dirty snow on the side of the road, the clear pavement and the snow everywhere clearly mean - it's SPRING.
Krista, Stacia, Me
We  discussed the boys' situation as employees at an "essential business." We have two high risk members in our home. The spread rate is 80% if it enters a family. There are 3 documented cases in our town. I really find it hard to believe my son should risk his health and ours at minimum wage so that another can have a drive through burger or coffee. Seriously, I KNOW why they are deemed essential...I am JUST SAYING...Alex had asked to cut back hours until May. This would allow him to finish high school strong. He was cut back to 26 hours. As of today, he's been removed from the schedule. He will focus on finishing all his work by May 1st.  This allows him to focus on school AND cuts the chances of covid entering through the front door.

Nolan is a manager and will continue to work - as it IS deemed essential and he doesn't feel right leaving the other managers to pick up the slack when they are already down so many employees and managers.  He comes home and IMMEDIATELY showers, changes clothes, and douses self with sanitizer. He stays downstairs in his room. We will sanitize all surfaces a couple of times a day. He skipped dinner last night...but we told him if he makes sure to do all that....He and Alex will eat at the counter so that they are more than 6 ft from Dad and Michael. He'll be mindful of social distancing INSIDE our home.  We KNOW Alex may already be exposed. We REALIZE Nolan could be exposed before we know it - but it's where we are now. It's the best we can do.
The new dinner time look 

The girls and I are talking about making masks for the crew....at least the drive through crew.

We had our first Zoom Bible Study tonight. I miss my peeps! We didn't all make it - but eleven of us did. I miss the natural flow of a discussion without mute buttons, though I suppose the power of the mute button could be handy. ::snort::

Dad and Michael are watching Football. No, there aren't any new games...but evidently this one is worth re-watching. Fans will be fans.

Everyone else is in bed - we all work or have school in the morning.

There are 14 new Covid cases in Alaska tonight. Our total sits at 133.