Monday, October 14, 2019

Manic Monday

Look at how close I am to being "current" on the blog (except for the stuff from last summer and the stuff from May and July). ::snort::  Sorta current! LOL

Sunday is worship service for us....and lunch together afterwards.  We headed to the one place in town that ALWAYS has a table big enough for all of's back in an alcove and works well for Dad to hear and us to be able to talk loud without disturbing everyone. They seem to like our group.'s a secret but the waitress DID say we are her FAVORITE big group.   I was SO focused on talking with Josiah and Nolan when we walked in I didn't even NOTICE the big, furry, animated spider that attacks legs...or the skeleton with a bowl of candy on his lap.  I was a mama on a mission - talking with two of the man childs I don't get to see all the time. ::snort::  An added bonus to lunch was Krista's friend, Brittany, joined us.

After lunch Alex, Michael, Krista and Josiah went to the shooting range.  Dad fell down our three inside steps on the way to church and opted to stay home with a heating pad. Stacia and I stayed with him and watched some Netflix...well...OK I slept. It's probably a good thing I didn't end up watching Bella and Gideon - I had no idea how tired I was. LOL

Monday -  today!

Michael is feeling under the weather. I'm hearing this "bug" manifests as flu symptoms and/or as a killer sore throat, headache and dizziness. Well - shoot! Michael had the flu-like stuff first....and then Krista and I got it....and now he's got THIS. We are hoping the bug is on the way out of the house.

While Michael slept and the kids worked on school.....I compiled their first quarter's work samples and sent them off, did a ton of catch up book work for us, checked on some things for dad....

Krista and Stacia are rock stars. They came in at 5 and I hadn't started dinner. I usually begin at 3 or 4 depending on if it's an "at home" night or a "churchy night."  I was still working on bookish things. I'd pulled out chicken in the morning, but had forgotten all about it as I kept pushing to clear my desk. They pulled dinner together - saved my bacon.

Unwelcome Guest

A strange knocking on the side of the wall outside of my nook signalled the arrival of an unwelcome guest. He flew back and forth all day. We are in the process of making our home less appealing to him.  

He did not approve of the plastic window frames. 

I fancy he wanted in out of the cold temps......