Wednesday, June 30, 2010


After complaining about rain a few weeks ago, I'm really enjoying it this week. It's a great break hot and humid summer. LOL  I LOVE the weather changes in Misawa. Texas seemed like one long summer - with a week or two of winter thrown in.  There were no long, cold, winter nights in TX.....I don't know that we need THIS MUCH change within one season, but there you have it.

Today I spent quite a bit more time on base. I ran to pick up the parking permit and show it to Pass and ID. I haven't a clue WHY, but they wouldn't let the previous owner out-process until I did this. They ASSURED me he'd be able to out-process now.

I visited three locations looking for a spot for our PWOC Fall "Rally".  Not sure we'll settle on that name, maybe. I hadn't realized it would be so hard to find a venue for a chapel event.  The complication is a congregation meets in the chapel on Saturday, so we can't use the chapel facilities as planned. I think it's going to be great, if I can get one of the locations on the North side...wooded, nice views....all in all it will be a blessing.  Although, at this point, none of those spots are open for our dates. I'll keep knocking on doors.  ::snort::

I continue to nurse my aching, itching swollen. They look better than yesterday....I'm taking Ibuprofen and putting as much Benydryl lotion on as allowed.....

Choosing Joy!
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