Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saturdays are for Prepping

Yes, Saturdays are for preparations.

Michael dropped Stacia and I off to do the week's grocery shopping.

He took the Jeep into Big Black Rubber to get studs on.....He was in and out in 20 min.

We baked a dessert and did a bit of prep for Sunday's family dinner.

We couldn't find a pattern for Stacia's next project - and we didn't figure out the elastic in the waistband of the current project either.

The kids went to a game night with the Youth group at Matanuska Assembly of God.

The fridge has begun making a sound like a helicopter coming in for a landing. It stops if you use the icemaker/water.....another service call to the warranty company.  We are STILL working to finish the first call (I only have two burners on the stove) and the second call - garage/vault problem.

That's a Saturday.