Friday, May 08, 2020

Visit from the D Kids

The "Stay at Home," Covid restrictions have lifted enough that BreZaak feel comfortable with Bre and the kids visiting. We sprayed down all the equipment with bleach water, and we stayed outside....we tried to watch the 6 foot rule...and there were 10 of us or less....

The kids were excited to come to Baachan's Treehouse (Grandma's Park). We all loved spending time together. 
Non-scale vistory on display - Baachan jumps on the trampoline this year
Dandelion salve in our future

Alex had the day off and pulled out his bow and arrows. 

Start them young - Bella got to shoot as she was abiding by the safety rules. 

Gideon enjoyed helping Krista sew up a fun mask for Uncle Ax.

Ready for work where masks are required. 

Annie is warming up to us. She was quite impressed with her ability to make noise on the piano with Auntie Yay ya. 

One of the hardest parts of Sequester 2020 has been not being able to be around the kids and grandkids who don't live with us. Today was breathtakingly special.