Friday, March 10, 2023

Friday - Whew!

We love FRIDAYS! It's not just the pizza and signifies the end of a busy week! Michael is gone at Man Camp...this meant Stacia and I did NOT go to breakfast this Friday morning.  The boys were both working, and I don't leave girls for Dad's morning routine. Once Dad was up and the morning routine finished, Allie took over at home while Stacia and I went out for a LUNCH study. LOL The girls have humored me and worked hard to get two weeks of study done in one week, so they are now on schedule with Bible Babes, a week ahead of our local study. It is such a help for me to talk through the material a couple of times with the girls before going through it on Wed. nights. An added bonus this week was seeing an old friend at the restaurant. 

Michael reports good things from Man Camp where Dave Roever is speaking.  A personal connection is that Dave Roever was brought in to speak at Michael's first military assignment and at his last military assignment. It's amazing Dave remembered Michael from Beale AFB. Dave (and his wife) has such a powerful testimony. I was sad to hear Brenda has passed away, it brings home the passing of time. 

The chickens are enjoying Michael's care - even while he is gone. They are enjoying some weather in the 30's and 40's. 

It was a lot of WORK to dig down through the snow and clear a bit of ground for them. It's much easier now to reach them with food and water. LOL  I appreciate his work as well. 

We delivered dinner to a lady and her granddaughters who needed a bit of help.  Dad is surviving Shingles in good stead. It hurts and he doesn't understand WHY he hurts until I remind him, he has shingles.  I think he's having a lighter case than many. 

We ended our night relaxing together.