Saturday, December 17, 2016

And After the Wedding

If one has a wedding at 2:00 p.m. and is racing for the getaway car at 3:25 p.m., there is much left of the day after the wedding. We were out of the church by about 4:45 p.m.

We had a load of things to deliver to CoRielle's apartment.....we met at a new to us pizza joint called Mod Pizza.   We have made individual pizzas, everyone top their own and grill them for years. This is basically the same - Subway with pizza, baked in a brick oven. It's great.

Our crowd 
L - R Jamin, Emily, Alician, Alex, Krista, Bre, Izaak, Bella,  Michael,
Nolan, Stacia, Cy, Larissa, Jared
 Michael caught photos of quite a few of us...



Emily & Alicia
It had been a long day, Bella had been a trooper, but BreZaak wisely headed home after dinner. The rest of us went over to Mom and Dad's.  Last year, Mom let all of us girls pick a tea cup from her collection. Larissa has since joined our family and tonight she chose her teacup. She chose one with a water lily as it reminded her of the location of she and Jared's first date, as well as their wedding, in San Angelo. 
Mom and Larissa 
 Stacia has been begging to play mafia. We had a crowd and tonight was good night to play.

Emily accused Alicia (and Alicia was mafia), Josiah got into the accusing, Alicia got a bit animated in her defense and Cody (Cy and Jamin's dog) went crazy.

After mafia some played Farkle....

...some played Gin Rummy. 
It was a great day - a very long day - and we finally all went our separate ways.  We each have lots of new memories from the very full day. 

CoRielle's Reception

Neither Cory, nor Arielle, are from Eugene.  They married the week after finals. This means most of their friends were out of town by the time the wedding date arrived....and yet it was fine. The essential element was their covenant with God and each other....and some friends to celebrate with. Arielle's family drove in from CA and flew from AK and TX. Cory's family  drove from WA.  Dear friends came from WA, DC and was, in other words, just right.

The reception - the stress of the "big show" is over and it's time to simply relax and enjoy each other and loved ones who have gathered. This we did.
Rebecca (Michael's sister) and Michael catch up

Glad Mom G was up here to attend! 

Prof/Pastor Brooks and CoRielle 

Donna, Bre and Gpa Paul 

Pastor John and Francie

Nadine, Sherri and Will 
Table of Gherkins and friends
 Arielle and Cory with Grandma Mary 

Arielle and Lorri (my cousin) 

Bella is tuckered out
 Mom and Lorri manned the cookie tables and hot chocolate bar

Arielle and Grandma Jan

Grandpa Paul, Arielle, Grandma Jan 

LOVED seeing these three together again
 Which shoes did you decide on? "Um, I may have gone barefoot." 

Three generations of comfort-loving women

Gma Jan, Arielle, Me
 Ah - our newest couples! Thrilled to see how God brought Cory and Larissa to us! 
Jared, Cory, Arielle, Larissa 
I knew there would come a point when they were ready to leave. Their goal was to be done by 4 p.m. and we had promised we'd all work towards that.  I saw a few signs and asked them if they were ready to leave. They were. I talked with Sherri and Michael to determine proper etiquette.  They turned down the music, I announced CoRielle would be cutting their cake and then leaving the reception.

First, Michael needed to introduce Mr. and Mrs. S to the crowd - a point that was skipped when they leapt from the platform after the kiss. ::snort::

The Dads


They're off - at 3:25 p.m.!  Yep - from start to driving off less than 1 1/2 hours - we did it. A sweet, simple, elegant and non-stressful marriage celebration.  Praying God's richest blessings as this newly minted "family" begins its story! 

The rest of us stayed and visited for a bit - then we cleaned up, deposited decorations, gifts and cards at CoRielle's  apartment and marveled that we still had an evening ahead of us. 
Love these two families! 

CoRielle's Wedding Ceremony

A few shots taken from the front pew during  CoRielle's wedding ceremony.....
Cory and Nolan
 Jamin and Jared (ushers) rock the aisle runner


Cory and Groomsmen 

Izaak helped Bella preform her flower girl duties! 

Ah, Michael and Arielle
 Love this photo of Cory's family...Michael shares a charge (which went on and on) with Cory

Cory fits right into our freakishly large, chaotic family!  He talked with Michael and arranged for mistletoe to be used before their kiss. This was their first kiss and Arielle has always wanted to kiss under the mistletoe. I don't know where she got THAT idea. Yuck - cooties. ::snort::  Michael told Cory he may kiss his bride, then halted to ask if anyone had mistletoe. Krista happened to have some stashed in her flowers.

Now, you may kiss your bride!  

And he did....

They  jetted off the platform to the reception...there were still a few things left to do - like introduce them to the audience....but Michael ad-libbed and we all jetted for the reception.