Thursday, June 01, 2023

June! How?

June! How did THIS happen?  It's another rainy day around here. I'm starting to wonder if we're going to get a "real" summer.

Stacia and Allie switched study mornings because Stacia and I had haircuts late this morning.  This allowed Allie to sleep in, us to run our errands and as she is off today she can get more sleep before getting up early to go out. This weekly one-on-one time with the girls is priceless. We had a brilliant discussion today, though we didn't do a Bible study. We integrated a lot of different strands from LIFE. 

We also scored a Tiger Spice to bring home for Allie and this month's salad special. They were taking a picture of it and asked if we'd like to take it home. Y'all go to Sophia's and have this salad! It's yummy. 

Stacia and I had time to run to Walmart after study before our haircuts, so we picked up a curtain rod (and a few surprises for a special gal).  Michael is such a good Dad. He stopped everything and got the curtain rod up....

I like these lighted panels - the finishing touch the girls were waiting for in their room. 

This came QUICKLY...yes, I've avoided the colonoscopy once again. I did the Cologuard years back and agreed to do it again...when I figure out the mailing thing from AK to wherever it is going. 

Shannon and Lindsey dropped by this afternoon. We happened to all be home - and it simply did our hearts good to see their faces... Stacia made some cookies. We opted for pizza and games tonight as it's the night Allie is home from work.  You know - I do my best with the subjects I have around here. LOL 

This just in from Larissa! What a sweet baby boy. 

The day was a great reset before the start of a busy weekend.