Monday, March 06, 2023

Gherkins Out and About

 While we stay close to home others near and dear to us are out enjoying themselves. Josiah and Jamin went to participate in a high school friend's wedding.  Jared stayed home as Larissa's father and step-mom are visiting.  Krista and Luke were out exploring, I think with snow machines. Look at this sweet photo of our Noah Bear and Larissa out in the Alaska weather.  We had plans to join the fun on Sunday, but alas, shingles. 

📷by Larissa 

Carrie and Livie went to the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. This means our outside lights will go dark when the last dog reaches Nome. Spring is on it's way. 

📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

We continue to get little glimpses of Stacia's trip to Hawaii. Early morning walk with Benny. 
📷by Arielle! He's a little surfer dude! 
📷by Larissa 

And then Monday happens. I had a few baby-sitting gigs with Bre on the calendar that they've opted to change in an abundance of caution. This allowed me time to catch up on some of Dad's paperwork, our bookwork and housework.  Michael DID begin dealing with the wall of packed snow blocking the chicken yard....but I love this photo I caught of him and Grandpa. 

I love Stacia's dedication to Bible study...during the boy's quiet time. 
📷by Stacia

I'll leave you with this glimpse into Allie's day of school. Note where her left hand is. Millie is missing Stacia a lot today. She is going to be so happy to have her tomorrow.