Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Status Updates 28 Mar 2012

  • Josiah (23) has been called back in for a THIRD interview to be a personal banker
  • Ps 32:6-10...good stuff! He is our hiding place, and creates a jewelers setting in which to place us, we can choose to be led through intimacy which flows from dwelling in the secret place with Him or we can be like a horse or mule, with no understanding led by a bit and bridle. Where are you hanging out?* 
  • I Sam 3:7 - Samuel was before the Lord, serving the Lord, knew the ways of the Lord but before this encounter did not exponentially and intimately know the Lord. I want to know Him intimately - yada. 
  • Drove Jared to work, drove home (45 min total). Discovered I forgot to mail the scholarship application, drove to base and back again (45 min total). 
  • The younger ones are studying Hittites, Philistines - interesting and fun to integrate their history text with Bible. 
  • Rain today - no snow. Maybe spring is here? 
  • Maybe it is time unleash the Mama Bear tomorrow. We shall see. 
  • Less drainage for Michael's gut drain today. The color has also changed from red to yellow - this is good! 
  • Need to write a blog post for PWOC I. 
  • Read 5 chapters from "Amon's Adventure," our first time through this one. 
* indicates a blog post at Choosing Joy on the bullet point. 

Choosing Joy!
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