Friday, August 04, 2017

We Have Keys!

We did it! Below Michael is signing a ream of papers, and we got keys today!!!!

I love Michael's smile in the photo above.  After signing we went to Lowes and Sears - in search or a riding lawn mower or tractor. We got specs and are considering our options. We also went to Red Robin to celebrate our status as home "owners." 

Nolan, Alex and I began a tour of the area. Here we are in front of the Internet service provider. We will have DSL on the 15th. We also went to get the electricity and gas in our name....and we stopped by Papa Murphy's and bought a ton of pizza. We expected a crew tonight. 

We finally pulled up to the house as the guys finished unloading the trailer of the things we had loaded in OR.
Alex, Nolan, Jamin and Izaak 

Michael didn't like the message on this sign, and I'm surprised it stayed up long enough for me to get a photo of him removing it. 

One of my first thoughts as we moved in, "Wait, housing hasn't been here to paint." 🐽🐽The paint we purchased was NOT the paint we wanted. We were told we could bring it back if we didn't like the coverage. We didn't like it, so Nolan and I found ourselves making another trip to Lowes....They only had HALF of the paint we needed. I asked them to check with Anchorage. They had it - so we'll run in in the morning and get some. It is beautiful - even at 9 p.m. 

Back at home everyone continued painting and taping. Michael replaced door locks with some that are prettier - a detail I'd not even noticed until he mentioned it. He also painted the front door....eventually we'll paint all the exterior doors and the garage door, too.



Still working at 10 p.m. 

These two got the number of the part we need to fix the oven. We've since been reminded our home warranty should cover this. 

The view JaRissa and Jamin had on their way home after a full night of working. Thanks, Guys. We appreciate all the work.