Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Terrific Tuesday....

The sledding hill is pretty much gone for the year. We'll see it again in October. 

Michael woke still feeling a bit puny, but insisted on getting up. He staked out the spot for the greenhouse, continued to research Chicken Coop plans, pulled a Cottonwood and chipped at some ice in the yard. He confessed, "He just wants it GONE." 

I thought it was time to move the portable greenhouse to the deck for the day. I jumped the gun. 

This photo can only mean one thing.....dental appointments. Four appointments that felt like one, as we went in two at a time.  All the kids were cavity free! I had a cavity - what's with THAT???? They want to pull mine, Alex and Nolan's wisdom teeth. There is no way the $ for all that at once is in our Ramsey budget. Since I am refusing to have them pull mine, she said Alex would be the first priority. Then she thinks me - but we'll go with Nolan.  We thought of mom and laughed and smiled as we had our ice cream at DQ after the dentist. ANY reason is a good reason for DQ.  I haven't had ice cream at DQ since December when Mom passed. 

Tonight was Bible study. We're studying, "Finding I Am."  I'm really enjoying the study.  Stacia made veggie pot pie for the family as I need to leave right at dinner time to get things set up. I love having young adults in the house!