Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ah, Lovely Days

Let's See.......

Monday, I signed the papers to buy our new van. I still have a parking permit and one more trip to Pass and ID to get it totally legal....but I'm insured and driving the new van as of last night.

The highlight of Monday were packages. Three from Vitacost and one from Michael.
From 2010_06_21 package
Sometimes, when receiving a package, deciphering what is meant for whom can be a challenge....
From 2010_06_21 package
From 2010_06_21 package
These hats are awesome. Hint...hint...
From 2010_06_21 package
The bracelets are a big hit too, Michael. Mike reports that children wait to sell these to servicemen "for protection" as they leave the compound. We love them. On a fun aside, we noted Michael recycled a box we'd sent him we want to see how many times the box can make the trip before Michael is home. LOL
From 2010_06_21 package
Tuesday was the first "Chapel Summer Outing." It wasn't real well attended, but the five moms and children who attended did have fun. This is the only photo that I'll dare to post.
From 2010-06-22 park day
Wednesday - I spent 8 1/2 hours with a group of lovely PWOC leaders. We sought God's face for His unique guidance as we walk out this year's theme, "Shine in the Light of His Glory". I'm very excited by the vision that was birthed. Lots of wonderful words....It is exhilarating to be a part of walking out the message where the sandals meet the sand - on the local level. I'll be teaching a Precept class or two this fall. I also head up a retreat team - we have a couple of them planned. If you're local and want to be on a retreat team - give me a holler. ::snort::

I got home about 6 p.m. and it had been a long day for ME and the CHILDREN at home. We opted for dinner out. Jared remembered Shimoda Mall is 7 min up the road. GREAT food options. The middles had McDonalds. Jared and I had rice/beef/curry....and Stacia wanted, "Gohan Kudasai," (Rice please), which earned her approving pats, smiles and glances. We decided to go see what may be playing at the theater. I hear that attending a movie in Japan is an experience we must do at least once.
From 2010-06-23_shimoda
We saw this on the way to the was a good omen.
From 2010-06-23_shimoda
Unfortunately, when we asked this movie is going to be in Japanese only. No English subtitles....we'll ask again. They were very sorry. So were we...though it will come to the won't be in 3D and probably won't come until later....of course it will be 1/4th the cost. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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