Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Rocks

I love it when friends quote me to me. ::snort:: I'm so glad Deja reminded me of my mottoes...."big rocks" and "do the next thing". THAT has helped me tremendously in the past week.

We did all the normal stuff, speech, driving kids here and there.....I uploaded a google order form for our United Co-op. I was proud of figuring out how to add lines and formula. ::snort:: I registered Emma and I for workshops at the upcoming PWOCI Conference. It was so early that I don't remember what *I* registered for. There were tons of wonderful options.

Wednesday I read this little verse, "The lazy man does not roast his game but the diligent man prizes his possessions." Prov. 12:27. I got to considering that eating out when I have a full pantry is similar to being too lazy to roast my game. I determined to get this area of our lives back under control. I didn't order produce last week so that we could use up what was stored around here. (We're out of lettuce.) We've been studying the sluggard this week. I don't think I'm really a sluggard...I certainly don't spend my days in bed as some of the Proverbs suggested....but I realized that I need to be sure the BIG rocks are getting done FIRST.

To that end I baked 12 loaves of bread this weekend.

Nolan helped me this afternoon with apples.


It was tough to keep Stacia from eating them.

I turned 7 lbs of hamburger/turkey into meatballs. We ate some sort of saucy meatballs for dinner (which means I COOKED.) I have lots of bags of meatballs in the freezer for future meals. I put them in quart instead of gallon bags now that the older 4 are rarely home for dinner.

Stacia really likes to "help" and chat with me while I work in the kitchen. YES. Here she is asking, repeatedly, "What kind of cookies are these?"


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Quote of the Day!

"Can you wake me up early? I don't want to miss the elections."

Um...very little fear of that, honey. The older ones remember the last time we studied the election process: 2000.

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Giving Thanks! ~ Day 3

I'm thankful that God controls my future and not the Mass Media outlets. ::snort::

Y'all need to assume that I'm thankful for my wonderful husband and children. I'll write something flowery about them before the month is up, I'm sure......but assume it for now.

I'm thankful tonight for Krista. She called to let me know that she had voted, though she couldn't get a photo and ran into a surly postal official when she tried to get a signature.

I'm thankful for water filters that get this gunk out of my water....seriously.

I'm thankful for eager helpers.
eager helper

I'm thankful it took $49 to fill the van this evening vs. $125 of a few months ago.
gas 2

I'm thankful milk prices are down.

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Lunch Break

Ah - a moment to share a few glimpses from yesterday.

One of my young men wrangling laundry from behind the dryer. LOL
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Stacia jumped out of the car and ran across the field to meet Cy. He had parked at the chapel (bldg in the background).
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Ah....sweet "baby".
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