Monday, May 15, 2023

Sheer Cuteness Overload

 It's a red-letter day! 

A day full of milestones. 

The last patch of snow has FINALLY melted from our yard. It only took a week of "warm" temps. Birds and leaves have arrived...and sun too. Yes, SUN. It comes up at 5:04 a.m. (lighter earlier) and sets at 10:44 p.m. (lighter later). The garden is accessible. Unfortunately, I began to believe the winter would never end and I didn't start seedlings in March or April...there was still 4 feet of snow on the ground. LOL  I'm making a plan. 

Moving on from Alaska's crazy seasonal and weather there ANYTHING cuter than T-ball? I had forgotten how fun it can be with great coaches and nice parents. Arielle asked Michael and I if we wanted to coach. Nope.  But after the sheer cuteness overload from tonight, we may consider it next year.  

Tonight, was Benny's first T-ball game.  Y'all one child hits the ball, and everyone runs from the field to grab it, and dog pile on their teammate who reaches the ball first...

We arrived early and Benny ran up to share, "Bachan, I'm so excited and nervous too." I assured him this is a quite normal state when one is doing something for the very first time. 

We were not about to miss the game. We simply bundled GG up and told him he was coming. LOL  As two of our young adults have left the home, we are going to have to do that more often if we hope to have any sort of activities away from home. 

Benny is up to bat! 

And then the running. 

Benny made it to first base. Of course, in T-ball everyone makes it home and no one is ever out. 

I had some blankets in the back of the car which we wrapped around GG. We also gave him a handwarmer Arielle had in her diaper bag. Next game I bring hot drinks, hand warmers, make sure GG has a warm coat, and maybe more blankets. 

Michael ran into one of the guys from our local police department. It was fun for me to get to visit a bit with his wife. 

I spent a little bit of time chasing 2 year olds - all part of the fun. 

"Are they twins?" 

Hmm....a question "I" hadn't been asked yet. 

My rather confusing answer was, "Little Buddy is a month older than Danny." ::snort:: 

I'm going to have to get Arielle to help me come up with a better answer. I think I could say, "Not identical." ::snort:: I'm certainly not going into life histories at the ballpark. 

Oh, they weren't in danger...I was right there. 

These boys are a blast to spend time with...and a day is coming when we can mention Little Buddy's name and show his face...

Papa said this was great fun. He had me order a T-ball stand while we were watching the game. It won't be here for THIS Saturday but I think it will be a great addition to our household park and games! 

I realize I've not blogged for a month or so.  There are things I am processing deeply, and I have chosen to do that by journaling. I have just about filled the journal and I need to save some time to blog. LOL  I hope you are having a great spring.

Yes, May 15th and it's starting to feel like spring up here. 

*Thanks to Arielle for all the photos in this post.