Thursday, June 19, 2008

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I will blog. I don't think there's much to say...but I will blog.

Josiah texted and said he was at Hard Rock Cafe. Now, I'm sure this is hot news, but I'm not sure why. ::snort:: I know it's a t-shirt logo. I know that they have one in San Antonio.

Bre called Arielle to ask where Felicity was born....I guess that gives a hint as to where they are?

We had a play date at Mommy A's house today.

We met Mike for dinner at Burger King. OK - I KNOW - but this allows the youngers to SEE Mike as they don't usually see him on Wed or Thursdays at all. Mike and Jared aren't home yet. Jamin is at work.

As Jared left the van for CAP Stacia said, "Jared, promise you'll be back". It nearly broke my heart - but I've been emotional lately you know. ::snort:: He said, "Stacia, I'll be back tonight" and she repeated it. Then she continued to yell, "Jared, I LUF you" while he walked to CAP. He came back and leaned in the van and told her he loved her. A young man to make a mom proud. I love how Stacia gives her big, hulking, teen brothers reasons to be gentle and loving.

We played games tonight and had ice cream. Shhhhh...don't tell the young men or Mike....that's a treat for Sunday.

I sense a growing excitement that Krista may have found her niche in missions. I can so SEE her on a ship, traveling the world. She's always had missions in her heart and adventure in her spirit.

BEWARE of what you teach your children. We read a TON of missionary biographies when the kids were little. We taught them to see a need and be a part of the Kingdom solutuion. Having raised them thus, we can't tell them now, "No, turn your head." Earlier this week - I think on Father's Day - Mike or I were talking to Krista about pushing open doors God may be shutting. SHE had the audactiy to remind US of Gladys Aylward and Amy Carmichael...both women who pushed plenty of doors open and changed parts of the world for His glory.....I agreed.

Today, I am excited when I think of the possibilities for Krista. I'm letting her dream become my own. At first, I resisted her dream because I'd rather have her married, having grandbabies, moving every 3 years or so with us when the Air Force moves us. ::snort:: Today, I'm also realizing that the ships she is interested in dock in the UK - mabye God is setting things up so we'll be in the UK with a few of our babies???? You never know now, do you? I can still have a few dreams of my own. ::snort:: calls and text messages from all 3 of our grown up babies - this was a red-letter day.