Monday, June 10, 2019

Outside Projects

I wonder how often we will have to mow this lawn....Nolan walked in just about the time Alex, Stacia and I were starting. He joined took a few hours with all of us working on it...but we got it "done." Or as done as we are going to get it. 

Stacia wields a mean weed whacker

Alex is the king of the riding mower....I take the push. Nolan spelled me on it. 

Stacia and I wanted some flowers. We don't have any flower beds...and there are so many projects
ahead of THAT project that we probably won't have any beds this year. We have a couple of hooks - but the hanging baskets we like are about $50 and not in our budget. We bought some flowers and stuff and ended up making our two hanging baskets....AND filled a couple of planters for the side of the house and one for the deck for 1/2 what we would have spent on 2 baskets. Flowers, garden starts - are EXPENSIVE up here. I started seedlings for the garden, but will have to do the same for some flowers next year.