Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pajamas????? Humph!

We spent this a.m. decorating for next week's VBS. Quite fun. I met a couple of new women and enjoyed accomplishing something definite. LOL

Several of us ate lunch together. I've discovered most on base head to the food court, BX, commissary on hot days - AC.

We headed to the ocean for an hour of swimming. I bought a pump to blow up the air mattresses, but it doesn't work.

Ran into the W family...which was fun.

Back home in time for quick showers and Japanese lessons.

Akiko informs me that our yukatas are "pajamas, suitable for hotel wear".  Evidently, you have to do everything just right for festival.....sleeves, hem, hair, shoes....Sunday we'll go shopping for a real yukata for Stacia. Arielle and I will rent one.  We're looking forward to going to festival with Akiko. I invited her to church but she likes to sleep.....I may have to find an evening service. ::snort::

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