Friday, August 26, 2022


I found myself sitting in the back corner where I sat with Nicole two weeks ago, with a yummy bowl of Hungarian mushroom soup. This time we celebrated a successful first week...survival...the first week for Arielle to mommy two 18 month olds and a 3 yo, the first week for Allie to do college classes, and the first week of Stacia's senior year.  She submitted her first Lit response paper on Father Brown and said it felt good to be back at it. 

We enjoyed our soup and split a goodie, or two.  We checked out a gym and a novelty store. Then we came home to our various projects and Benny and Arielle headed home. 

I pulled all the beans today...see that meager crop? This isn't our best gardening year. LOL I pulled a couple of cucumber vines. We've got lots of cucumbers to go....and look at that white Dragon Egg cucumber. 

This dragon egg is big enough to be a squash. LOL Speaking of squash we have a good sized kabocha squash. I'm trying to decide how long to leave it...long enough to mature but early enough to avoid the slugs. 

It was a relaxing afternoon. We decided to have a fire after dinner. Allie got called in to work at dinner....fair time...everyone needs fast food.  I drove her in, then got home and got dad out back and just as we got everyone OUT there it began to rain. We were not to be deterred. I gave Dad an umbrella and told him to enjoy the fire. ::snort:: 

We snacked on carrots, while we sat around the fire, under the umbrellas. 

Allie called and I ran to pick her up. She picked up 3 extra hours. We sat around and enjoyed hot drinks. 

It's good to have the week wind down. And each week will get a bit easier until we all feel a new normal. LOL