Saturday, December 10, 2016

Moving On

Fourteen days at Armitage County park and we're "outta there." It is the norm for state/county parks to have a stay limit of 14 days/30 days.  We've stayed at Armitage quite a few times and loved it...but this time....women were assaulted, odd men in the bathrooms, a man screaming incoherently outside our window, arrests....we're happy to move on.   We've landed at a nice RV park for the week. We'll miss the river and trees at Armitage....and the highway noise isn't a favorite, but it beats screaming odd men. πŸ˜€ We do like state parks over RV parks - but Michael has 5 o 6 appointments this week, we have kids coming in, and a daughter getting MARRIED this week -  being close to Eugene is needed.
Our cozy site
 I 5 is on the other side of the far trees in the photo above. We choose to look the "other way." πŸ˜‰ The kids, Yuuki and I went exploring, while Michael proofed one the girls' papers.

The amenities are really nice here. Fitness room, lounge, duck pond, several clean showers and laundry rooms....We checked out the town of Coburg. I thought this was a great find. We may take a couple of books back as we aren't sure there is a book swap at this RV park.

We ate, took care of some family business, the kids and Michael headed for the hot tub, I dried a couple of things that didn't dry well in our RV, Michael met me in the laundry room, we played a couple of games of Farkle and called it a day.