Sunday, July 04, 2010

Catch up and Father's Day Gift

Friday - The chapel staff met at Lake Ogawara to welcome a new secretary, a new priest and to say farewell for a deployment of one of our chaplains. It was a fun time to relax and enjoy each other. The kids enjoyed playing. They were especially happy when Windy and her kids met at the lake too....then Twyla and her boys...all in all it was a very fun afternoon for them.

Saturday - I tied up a few ministry details - regionally. I researched more solutions for a local ministry issue. Jared played paintball with a group of friends all morning and much of the afternoon. The rest of us cleaned house.

Sunday - A day to focus on spiritual and physical freedom. A wonderful day of worship in Word and song. Bit of a neighborhood issue to deal with....these are the times I wish Michael was home. He seems much better at calming waters than I. He DID Skype and we were able to all gather around. He even prayed for and with us and that makes life better.

The little box on the bottom  left is all of us in Japan....we've come to love this view of Michael....and if you look over his shoulder, you'll see the promise of his Father's Day Gift.  As well as the results of Stacia's (nearly 5)  goal to cover the bare walls with artwork.

I asked Rick at Organized Doodles to do a family doodle for Mike. I've followed his work for a couple of years and had planned to have one done many times....but never hit on the right occasion. We sent him ideas. He came up with Ninjas instead. Ninjas were a big hit around here.  I'm amazed he could do this from a few snapshots.  This turned out to be quite a lot of work for him...lots of subjects to fit onto the fact, we ended up earning a bigger piece of paper. I've not seen the finished product, but he sent an email with a photo of the finished project. We emailed that to Michael. Rick's mailing the finished project here (as Michael can't hang things on the walls anyway LOL - tape is where it's at), and we'll have it framed and ready for Mike when he gets home. In the meantime, Michael already printed out the newest family photo. 

It was fascinating to watch this take shape - At the first sketch, I thought, "Hmmm...Ninjas...." and the little boys said, "YES!"

The color really makes it come alive.

I had thought I was the one in the center - but it turns out I'm the one on the right with the bow and arrow... ::snort::

I'll have to copy a finished shot later..... Check out Rick's work. Visiting his blog always brings a smile and watching a portrait take shape is great fun.

Choosing Joy!
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