Friday, April 05, 2024

A Fabulous Friday

 Allie, Stacia and I needed to re-establish our Bible study routines. The girls, however, are immersed in Bible College. We wanted a bit of structure, but neither of them wanted a full-fledge study. We settled on going through the ACF daily devo's and using the SOAP method on the verses. I meet with each girl one on one, and we discuss the passages, and we do life together. The passages have the added benefit of preparing our hearts for the current Sunday sermon series. The upcoming series is titled, "The Deeper Life: Through Forgiveness."   This week we discussed grace, our view of God, really understanding and walking out the forgiveness He has lavished on us, redemption, and more GRACE, salvation and sanctification.  It's interesting in both discussions we focused on who GOD says we are...the messages on identity continue to bear fruit in our lives. I've been challenged by and enjoyed the discussions with both girls. Allie and I went to the cafe for Breakfast/Study this morning.

It's the little things that make me happy. I've been looking for the perfect highlighter and pens to use in my journaling Bible. Sharpie highlighters bleed through, my Pilot 2 pens bleed through. I found an acceptable pen. The perfect highlighters keep escaping me. I bought a couple of kinds of wax highlighters... they are gloppy and smudge and the darker colors black out the text.  Stacia is working on making a prophecy book for college and had crayons out. I used one and it WORKED! No smudges, easy to control the colors, consistent, no bleed Allie and I stopped at Freddies to buy my own set. Certainly cheaper... 

Perfect highlighters for my Bible

Next up the girls and I visited Arianna and had our eyebrows waxed. We dropped Stacia off at the college so she could do some focused study. Allie worked at home. I started stretching a couple of bowls of dough. Michael told me he'd stretch the dough so I could grab a nap. 

Why did I need a nap? Because I was going to the THEATER tonight and didn't want to fall asleep. We started with a trip to a new eatery in town. The food was really good, and it was affordable for our area. 

Allie's panini was yummy

We are THOSE customers. We bought one dessert and shared it. It was fantastic! The peanut butter cheesecake was superb...and we each had "just enough". 

We met Jenni and Jamin at the theater and loved, "The Play that Goes Wrong." This one was pure fun. I think I liked the Hunchback of Notre Dame a bit better...but I think everyone else preferred this comedy. It's been second nature for us to go to the theater with Jenni and its great fun that Jamin joins us now. Michael prefers movies and is happy to stay home with GG so we can enjoy this. We LOVE the energy of a live play. 

We had a good laugh over the fact Jamin knows one of the lead characters. We can't take him anywhere these days. LOL 

It's been a good day. Tears, sadness, frustration...but lots of fun, connections and joy as well. 

We have another 3 - 4 inches of snow at our place! It looks like we may just beat the snowiest winter in Anchorage on record. We got way more snow in the last two storms out here, but I've not heard the records out here. LOL 

Photos of the newest Grandblessings from their families. 
Josi at nearly 2 months

These girls are sporting the bows!
Ellie at 1 1/2 weeks

Arielle overdid it a bit ago and is taking it easy these days. Cory had fun dressing Ellie today. 
1. Each and every grand! 

2. A nap - and a husband that stretched the sourdough! 

3. A fun night out with the girls, Jamin and Jenni. 

4. Grace - so much grace; especially felt when life hurts!