Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Family and Chicks

Yep, that title about sums up the day. 

I stood outside the door at CoRielle's and heard, "Ba, Ba!" 

Danny recognized me when I drove up. He was calling my name - it's awfully close to "Baachan." 

I could not get Danny to take a nap today for ANYTHING.  After we read books, played with dinosaurs, picked up toys and had a snack, I suggested we walk to the park by their home. We simply can't get enough of being OUTSIDE. Benny was proud to show me his climbing ability on the climbing structure. 

King of the mountain

While he demonstrated, the slide caught Danny's attention. It was obvious HE wanted to climb on this structure. 

"I wonder if I could get up there?" 

Benny ran over and began to show him how to climb to the top. "Follow me, Danny, follow me!" 
Brothers for the win

Danny proceeded to follow him up each level. Benny was careful to make sure Danny didn't go near the edges and I followed along, ready to assist as needed, but they did it all on their own. 

I was most nervous about the sliding part, but it was slow enough it wasn't a problem. They were very proud of their accomplishment. 

"Baachan, come quick! My muscles are running out!" A very serious situation, for sure. 

I texted Arielle to be sure she would know where we were when she got home. We enjoyed a quick visit as we walked home. I left her with plans for lunch, nap and a library trip for the boys. Up next is a unit study on Pirates for Benny. 

Back at home I had lunch and saw Michael off to Anchorage for a consult at the Oral Surgeon. He will have a tooth extracted on Thursday. Nolan agreed to come up and be around with Grandpa, and the girls and I headed into town. 

Stacia had a "walk in" appointment at our medical clinic. My word. It took an hour before we went back to a waiting room.  We hopped on over to the library when we finally finished at the clinic. Now that the girls are done with school they need a few fun books to occupy quiet moments. We ran into Arielle and Benny. Cory was at home with Danny who was still napping. I wore him out. Poor baby. I can usually get him down for a nap. 

Michael wasn't home when we got home from town. I put pizza in the oven and went out to the greenhouse. Ah, the warmth! It does my tropical heart good to step into the greenhouse. I finished weeding both beds and will lay paper and compost tomorrow...or maybe I'll plant some seeds. We'll see. 

Michael got home, we had dinner, and watched a couple of episodes of The Chosen. We are enjoying the show.  Thanks to all who recommended it to us. 

I'll close with a photo of our growing chicks.