Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glimpses of our School

Yes, we DO have a mad scientist living in our home. Zander has enjoyed playing around with a variety of items in his Mad Professor Science Kit.

Our observation of Wordly Wise's newest editions was not a random fluke.  I pulled out book 5 and noted it is the exact same material as our old book 2.

This has been a BUSY week. It is a MTOC  week! (Moms of Tots of the chapel- a new program we began when the AFI came down not allowing CTOF to be spent on MOPS).  It is also a "Base Exercise week" and so Michael is working nights.

On MTOC weeks I am out of the home two school mornings.....this means we push a bit later on all other days....may even work on Saturday and Sunday to complete a full week.  We can "easily" complete our assignments in  four days a week. We wouldn't want to try to do it in three days a week on a weekly basis. We like being a bit more relaxed, a bit more likely to laugh and joke, and explore rabbit trails.....but it is working for us this year. In the past we've not been able to get any school done on Wednesdays (or PWOC day - whichever day that may be).  This year all four kids come to PWOC - one to participate and three to volunteer in Kids Flight.  This means I don't drive home between PWOC and the evening Family Bible Study. We bring all our school books....and we seem to be more likely to get school done on Wed afternoon if we ARE in the Far West Library than we do at home. LOL  I think there is a lingering atmosphere of education in the library. Because we get nearly a full day done on Wednesdays this year we can explore more rabbit trails and add MTOC every other week.

I'm amazed at how Arielle and Nolan are progressing in their Japanese lessons.

I want to find a few more great books on Wilberforce. Any ideas?

Choosing Joy!
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