Friday, July 20, 2018

Family Day

Between our catch and what Josiah brought us - our freezer is full. We knew we'd need a bigger one IF we got our full limit and a moose. 

Michael took care of some flounders

Dad, Stacia and I drove over to see Bre and the children. They've been busy settling in. The house is cute.

Jamin and Josiah came out. Josiah helped me reseal the fish he'd brought and some that weren't quite sealed from Seward. Cory worked at Valley Meat and said they always had some that didn't seal. Stacia made doughnuts - we ate them.  We ate dinner, visited, and then the older two went home.  Nolan came home from work and we all played Farkle.

At one point I looked up and noted the two empty seats around the table. I miss the games at Mom and Dads....and Lorri and Mom were missed.....Grandpa won two games and Michael won one.
but I chose joy.....having Dad, Michael,  and these kids around the table is enough.