Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A Week in a Day

 Allie remarked, "It feels like we've lived a week in one day," yesterday.  It did. It feels like we lived another week today. 

Monday, the girls and I left the house at 0845 to take Stacia to a nanny gig she has. Allie and I then drove into town so she could keep a breakfast appointment.  I grabbed a take-out breakfast and tea and enjoyed it in the car. 

I was determined to get some sort of a workout in and so I walked 2 miles while Allie visited, and Stacia nannied. 

Walking downtown

 Allie wrapped up at the right time for us to head up to pick up Stacia.  I drove both girls home. Arielle and the boys were at the house as respite began an hour earlier. Michael and I ran to Lowes for some gardening projects. 

We rushed home with enough time for me to grab Allie and run her to her next engagement. Allie has been helping a friend with a high school film project. Monday was the LAST day she needed to be present for filming. I wasn't comfortable leaving her and I waited in the car with a book. 

When we got home we discovered the water heater had sprung some odd leak. If you're keeping track, I have an oven and fridge on order (takes a while to get things up here). Michael went out after dinner and found a new water heater. He was up past mid-night installing it. 

Yes, it DID feel like we lived a week in a day. 

THIS morning the girls and I left the house at 0800. At 0700 we discovered we had water all over the basement...Michael spent another day working on the water heater mess. 

Cory and Arielle have an hour-long weekly staff meeting at their church. It's Baachan time! I knew I would need a bit of help managing today's schedule.  

Danny & Auntie Allie love breakfast

Benny & Auntie Stacia enjoy reading time

There's another wrestler in the family 

Why did I need help today? Stacia and I had dental appointments at 0930. We zipped out for our cleanings, which were scheduled before Arielle began working at the church.  Allie stayed and played with the boys. 

📷by Allie

📷by Allie

Allie was amazed at how quick our appointments were. They recommend a Mother Daughter Visit to the Oral Surgeon. ugh....

Arielle came home early enough for me to drop the girls off at home. 

I headed to Food Co-op. I spent 4 hours volunteering. I dropped by Walmart on the way home. The girls made dinner. I was so thankful. We put away produce and our Azure order.  We ran out to share a bit of organic goodness with CoRielle and BreZaak. 

Lest you think there has been no relaxing around our home....check out the girls' afternoon. Hammock time! 

📷by Allie

Wow - it almost looks like Stacia's writing is divine!
📷by Allie

📷by Allie

We crashed and watched The Chosen.  Nolan kept Dad up ALL afternoon, we are hoping he sleeps well tonight...and we will all wake up refreshed for Wednesday.