Friday, April 07, 2017

Storms and Rainbows - #WYFF

We had a HUGE storm last night.  I believe it was the biggest storm we've weathered in an RV to date. It was impossible to sleep through. Things banged, crashed and jostled. We lost power, got up and pulled our slides in, grills and SAT dishes blew around the park, highway signs and trees were down as I drove into town. Our only casualty was poor little Featherstone.
He'll rise again. 
After big storms - magnificent rainbows manifest. That'll preach - BTW.  We found the end of the rainbow at the driveway to our RV park. 

#WYFF - our feet were doing school, at Mom's oncology physical therapist and radiation appointments, visiting with Rebecca, enjoying pizza at Coburg Pizza and playing games with Mom, Dad and Lorri.

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