Tuesday, February 04, 2014

MOB Dress Hunt Continues

If you've missed the fun on Facebook  - this is what I'm up to today. 

I tried on the dress loaned to me by a local friend and the one Bre and I purchased. PLEASE NOTE I WILL NOT WEAR BLACK TIGHTS! I didn't have nylons and so just grabbed a pair to try. Honestly, I wanted to try both on with all the garments to see how the general thing would look.....so I grabbed tights...and so many of you are worried I'll wear dark black tights with a pink dress. ::snort:: I don't know much about fashion but that I know. 

Dress 1 

A pretty dress which looked nice on Lisa. Unfortunately,  pale pink doesn't work for me! I threw on this belt only because it's the one I had and I planned to buy  another if I went with this dress.  I seriously cannot believe you all think I'd go to a wedding in a pink dress, brown belt, black tights and red shoes. ::snort:: 

I have tried on so many truly awful dresses this week I decided to be brave and try on the Stuffed Sausage dress.

 Dress 2

This is the dress purchased when BreAnne and I were shopping. I will not show you the red one that is out. WE have decided this is "deep berry" and therefore a shade of pink.  AGAIN I AM NOT PLANNING ON BLACK TIGHTS!  I was hoping the red shoe would work - but it won't.  And I don't really like the black ones I have on. I also have white dress shoes but don't think so either. So nude it is.....

The scarf from the Burka Michael so kindly brought me from Afghanistan - I was hoping it would work.  I like some sort of cover, but have been told not black.  I am guessing I'll go bare if I wear this dress,  as I've been all over looking for a jacket or scarf that would work. If I HAPPEN to see one that's cream or lighter pink I may pick it up. 

I realized I could wear this dress as Bre says it's a shade of pink and it's not as short as I remember. I don't usually wear form fitting - but then I have lost weight so I guess I can. I still lovingly refer to it as my sausage dress, but it fits. 

I posted these on Facebook to say I may wear  Dress 2 on Facebook - and that led to lots of helpful tips, encouraging advice and links to other dresses. 

I did NOT want to spend $250 or $125 for the dresses I had seen that would work...but low and behold. Barb sent me to Chadwicks and I found one and Renee had a link to one that comes in magenta...They were $45 and $60 - Much cheaper. I can take a chance. I ordered both. I sent them to Krsita's and am  hoping one of the three will work..... I ordered based on measurements online and have different sizes for all 3 dresses...and 3 different shades of pink....3 different styles... When I get to OR I'll try Dress 2, 3, and 4 on and we'll decide.... No one but ME will really care about the dress anyway - but it matters to the MOB. (BTW I like the acronym - MOB especially in connection with a dress). 

Dress 3 

 I actually like the one above - because everyone was suggesting more matronly dresses and I think this is matronly with spunk - which I can live with. It's looks more red here than pink - looked more pink on the website so we'll see what it looks like when it turns up.

Dress 4 
This is probably as pale as I can go...and even then I'm not sure. If I need pink and not "deep berry" or "magenta" - I'm set. 

Wow - my friends sure know fashion better than me. I will now look for taupe or tan hose and "nude heels" or "nude flats" - didn't even know they made such a thing - but I've been told they would go with either Dress 2, 3, or 4.

 Now I'll go finish Wedding Candies.

Michael will be so relieved not to discuss MOB dresses tonight. I think we'll have some sparkling cider in the backyard onsen to celebrate.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

They Chose Barabbas

Which of the two do you want me to release? and the said, "Barabbas!" Matthew 27:21

In the history of wrong choices this one is tops.  It takes my breath away.  They chose Barabbas over Jesus. 

Barabbas - a robber, murderer insurrectionist 

Jesus - savior, healer, messiah, suffering servant leader

Barabbas (Strongs 912) son of the father....no name at all really.  Son of someone.....no man...every man....

How? Why? I can't fathom it. 

In a moment of honesty, I realize, there are moments in my life when I choose Barabbas over Jesus. I choose the known, the common, the profane over Jesus.

It takes my breath away.

It breaks my heart.

I determine to choose Jesus - every day in a million ways.

I choose Jesus - more and more - every day.

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...