Sunday, July 19, 2015

Olaf the Blanket

Arielle wanted to make an Olaf blanket for her new room.  We found a Youtube video and followed the directions....sewed it up like a big pillowcase.  
We started this project on Friday.  I packed "Arielle's" pink blanket today while she was at church. This caused a bit of alarm. I decided to finish this today while she napped so she'd have one to replace the pink one tonight.  Sort of reminded me of driving all over town to find the one certain brand of binkie. ::snort::
I am INSIDE the big pillow, trying to get the batting in place....there has to be an easier way.
The men jumped in to help.

It was like magic - she woke up and the blanket was done. 

Near the beginning of this project, I thought I should let each child pick their own material for a blanket for the trailer....somewhere in the middle of the project, I decided there was NO WAY I was doing this again. Now that it's over - it's possible. IF I can find another  Youtube that shows an easier way to handle the batting....and AFTER I figure out how to make the t-shirt quilt.