Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Glimpse into My Befuddled Brain....

* Will they have Siapao in Japan? It IS in the same hemisphere as the Philippines?

*YIKES - how will I feed my family in Japan?

*Why are all the websites I visit in Japanese?

*Should I take my photos that need to be scrapbooked? OMW, if I leave them I'm admitting I won't work on them for 3 years...if I take them will the humidity get to them?

*If I get Rosetta Stone real quick will we be able to learn key phrases? You know, "Where can I order wheat berries?" "Can I buy preservative free food somewhere on this island?"

*Will our house sell?

*Should I get Skype or Vonage?

*Oh my word - are the potties like the ones in the Philippines??????

*I wonder how hard it would be to get passports to other countries...I mean I know folks in China, Taiwan, Philippines....OK reality check...just because it looks like this place is much smaller than TX they are DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!

*Will the new chapel staff like us?

*Should we take the Christmas Tree? Nah....

*Where are we going to store our things?

*What about our dear dog?

*Am I going to find nice PWOC and homeschool friends in Japan?

*Why are Arielle and Nolan going through their clothes?

*Do they have a maternity clinic on base? NO - I'M NOT PREGNANT - but I surely don't want to have a child in a rice paddy either.

*ARGH - I need to go through everything in this house....but first we need to do school, play with friends, go camping and graduate Jamin.....

*I really should work on a few PWOC jobs tonight and stay away from google...not turning up a lot of helpful stuff anyway. ::snort::

*Where can I get brochures and such from Japan.....

*I wonder if homeschool share has a lapbook on Japan.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.