Sunday, February 07, 2021

Non-Super Bowl Party

 Sunday we invited everyone to come to the house for a non-super bowl party. We ate soup, sandwiches and super bowl snacks. We thought we might watch some commercials - but we didn't. Luke and Krista, Carrie, Cy, Livie and Ellie (Carrie's niece), Arielle and the boys, all of us and Jamin came in and out throughout the day. It was a good day. 

Danny, however, seems a bit alarmed by the camera! 

Benny's favorite way to play this game is to put the penquins in alternate locations! Why should they be stuck on a boat? 

Stacia, Livie and Ellie played twister. 

This gives new meaning to "pulling the rug out from under" a person. LOL Benny adds his own touch of excitement. 

I think next year we'll look for kindred spirits and have a bigger non- super bowl party. I actually like super bowl but others are simply tired of all the politics.