Saturday, February 20, 2010


No photos to share as life has been too busy, crazy, boring, routine really.
MOPS.  Renee, our speaker this month, did a great job of challenging us to teach our children to pray.

 BIBLE STUDY - we finished Esther. Good study.  LANGUAGE LESSONS - Akiko made my day when she reached out and gave me a HUG as we said goodbye. We won't have lessons in March due to my travels.  I promised to send her postcards...and she'd love me to get a photo of Korean pop idols....

 SPOUSES BREAKFAST. I enjoy meeting monthly with this group of ladies. Both Renee and I will soon be without our husbands for a bit of time. We have made plans to drive to the Cherry Blossom festival in April.  It seems to have become a "habit" for me to go to the BX and find Polish Pottery after Annette feeds us our lovely breakfast. The very things I didn't buy at $20 a pop last month, were clearanced at $2.77 or $4.17....what a deal. I wouldn't have known of this if Connie hadn't mentioned it. I hope that they'll be bringing more pottery in...more plates. I need plates....

 DENTAL VISIT - Jared had his consult for getting his wisdom teeth pulled. What are they teaching doctors these days? "So, after seeing the clip on risks, is this what you want to have done?," and "Which anesetia would you think is better for your situation?" Um......I'm not the oral surgeon. ::snort::

FAMILY NIGHT - yep, our family size is shrinking but we persist in setting aside Friday night for US. Pizza and a movie this week.

FRIENDS - Nolan, Jared and I met Erika, Twyla and boys at the Sushi-Go-Round for lunch. Both Twyla and I have husbands who are not here.  There was a paint ball tournament on base. Erika is a young lady who is INTO paint ball and so she took the boys to watch the tournament. THANKS! I ran home to pick up the other children. We had hoped to run errands, but ran out of time.

MOVIE - Erika dropped Nolan and Jared off at the movie theater. We all vegged in the theater...not often something comes to base that I think "may" be o.k. to go see. It is CERTAINLY cheaper ON BASE than off base to catch a movie.
That's about all for now..... OH, After 3 days I was able to hear Mike's voice. That's all I needed. The 20th is Jamin's birthday, 19 years old. We'll try to reach him some more, however, this is rodeo season in San Angelo and I'm sure he's busy. LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...