Monday, April 11, 2022

Monday Fun

 Arielle and the Boys came to play with GG this morning.

Michael and I forced ourselves away from the cuteness to go out to lunch and run a few errands...we picked up some garden supplies and stopped to price greenhouses and cabins.  When we returned home Michael got into a rip-roaring game of hide and seek with Benny.  Benny isn't a fool - he KNEW Baachan wouldn't leave a big pile of blanket on the floor in the nook. 

Michael spotted the lumpy blanket in Millie's bed fairly quickly too. 

It took more time for Michael to hone in on Allie and Bennie behind the recliner in the nook. 

It great fun to listen to them play. We do not take for granted the blessing of living in the same location as our grandblessings.  Stacia used all the chaotic noise to work on some training with Millie. She did great. 

Michael decided to get out the torch and melt the ice that is left in the driveway. There comes a point every year when we begin trying to melt ice and spread snow around to try to get it to melt faster. It's an Alaskan spring rite.  Michael was surprised to discover the layer of ice is 6 inches thick. He got out the pickax too. LOL 

It has been a good day. The days are longer, the sun is brighter and warmer...soon the snow will melt and we'll be able to tackle the jobs the snow has been hiding. LOL