Saturday, December 23, 2017

Back to Alaska & the Ugliest Tree in the State

We needed to get back to Alaska. When it came time to leave, both Michael and I wished we'd scheduled a couple of more days in Oregon....but we had pressing things to do at home as well.

Dakota had tickets to visit and was in AK - we wanted to see him before he returned to Oregon.

Michael had a neurology appointment which I needed to attend.

Michael had started a new therapy for swallowing and was not supposed to miss sessions.

We wanted to be home for Christmas, our first Christmas with the older Gherkins nearby and in our new home.

And so, Nate and Heather took us to the airport. I didn't expect it to be so hard to watch Dad walking out of the airport. My heart continues to grieve for all he has lost.

But we turned towards Alaska - home. 

I was so glad we'd had the forethought to pack our coats where they were easy to reach. It was 17* F when we landed....and we had a bit of a walk to our car in the long-term parking. We were cold. Jamin and Josiah met us at the airport and took our extra luggage. We just couldn't fit in the Jeep with luggage.

We got home and discovered our quirky, Dr. Seuss tree, had become a true Charlie Brown tree.

We aren't giving up. We want to be able to plant trees in our yard and harvest a tree each year....but if THIS happens next year, we will buy artificial on the after Christmas clearance sale. LOL