Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Friends and Family

I got up early and put a roast into the Instant Pot.

By 0930 I had the boys at the gate to meet Jamin. They went on another hike.

I drove across town and reconnected with Cobie! Cobie was here at Elmendorf (before it was JBER) at the same time we were. They now live here permanently.
I have to say "words" to get my phone to take a photo, it wasn't cooperating

She made me mint tea with her fresh mint, AND gave me a small plant to start my own.  I'm eagerly waiting to make my own fresh mint tea. Cobie shared Alaskan gardening tips with me, and gave me a starter set-up to grow some peppers. We also talked about all that you'd expect to talk about after 12 years. 

The one thing I forgot - was to pick up our mail. Supposedly,  the reason for our visit, it never really was the reason. We'll get it picked up yet.

Jamin called and asked if Stacia would like to join he and the boys to view Spiderman. I drove her to the gate.

Josiah and Jamin came over to help eat that roast.  😉Unfortunately, Larissa hasn't been feeling well, and Jared was working late.

In the midst of the evening, Jamin reported he had found a 2017 penny. It was promptly exchanged for a silver dollar.