Thursday, November 06, 2008

Senior Master Sgt. Select (CAP)

Jared tested tonight for Senior Master Sgt. He wasn't happy with the grade - a B. He was hoping for 3 A's so he could be in the Cadet Honor Society. ::snort:: We're happy he passed as he didn't have much study time with the recent schedule.

He'll get the award for MSgt and SMSgt at the awards banquet. He has to wait a bit before he can be given the rank for SMSgt because of time. This means nothing to 98% of you, does it? ::snort::

He has one more rank to shoot for - Chief Master Sgt. He'd like to make that before we move. He doesn't plan to go into the officer side until he gets to a new squadron as the encampments that are required always fall on the week that the girls are here for Christmas. Ah, he loves the girls more than the thought of being a CAP Officer.

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Whew! I'm so glad that we have only ONE day a week like Thursdays.

In addition to House of Faith, Piano Lessons, CAP and Nutcracker.....we added school, a graduation meeting for Jamin, library trip and a home cooked dinner. See....I'm getting the Big Rocks nailed down. (NO, Deja it was NOT Dinty Moore's ::snort::).

I'm sure there is much more that could be said about the day - it was full, I'm content and satisfied with the way it went...but I can't remember much of the day. ::snort::

I will leave for conference in 4 days, Bre will arrive in 5 days to watch her siblings, the ladies and Mike will join me in Dallas in 6 days.....this year is ZOOMING past me.

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Giving Thanks - Day 6

I am thankful that our lives are so full that we have "puzzle piece" days. It wasn't always so....there were some lonely months when we moved here.

I am thankful that Zander is settling into school.

Nolan is thankful that Nutcracker practice went well.

I am thankful we've only lost one of the 50 books we checked out from the library...and that the NICE librarian was on duty tonight.

I am thankful that my picky eater tried the stew and cornbread tonight.

I am thankful that my Redeemer - LIVES.

©2008 D.R.G.

Echolocation: Scientific Speculation Sheet
5 November 2008

A glimpse of yesterday's science:

Materials Used:
2 pieces of card stock (8 x 11)

Procedure: (What you will do or what you did?)
Make megaphones.
One person talks through megaphone towards a wall of the house. The other person puts the small end of megaphone next to his ear, stands at a slight right angle to the wall and listens. Try it with and without the megaphone. (Notice Zander was the official noise maker.)
Try this with different objects (metal, wood, and brick).
Hypothesis: (What you think will happen and why?)
Zander – I’ll make a whale sound and you’ll hear it the same with or without the megaphone. “Nolan, do you want to get back to practicing to be as great as I am?"

Nolan – the sound will be louder with a megaphone. Think the echoes will be best with wood walls.

Arielle – The sound will be louder with the megaphone. I think the sound will be same no matter what object we use.

Results: (What actually happened?)
Sound is louder with the megaphone to our ears. Nolan thought the sound echoed better with the wood. Arielle thought it echoed better with the glass.

Conclusion: (What have you learned?)
Sound/echoes are heard better with megaphones. This is sort of how echolocation works for whales. We aren’t sure which material was supposed to reflect the sound better. Maybe it didn’t work well for us because Zander might have been making sounds at different volumes?

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