Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life's a Rollercoaster

Yokohama, Japan
Yep - feels like a roller coaster and we may be nearing the end. ::snort:: Seriously, Michael's cardiac tests are back on for Friday.  We even went by the center to make SURE there are no glitches and they are ready to go! If the results are all good (and we're praying they are) we'll be on a plane home to Japan by next Thursday.  As for the other test - the Dr in Misawa feels the new pain is probably adhesion from his surgery and not abscess or left behind that one may be axed completely. 

We hit new highs in hotel living today.  I finally have a light that isn't burned out. ::snort:: 

We've been feeling pretty low about missing happenings in Misawa - VBS specifically (You can still register here). Pastor Bre (numero uno Gherkin) decided to help us fill that void. We went over to New Hope Christian College with her and loaded up costumes, pillars, walls and such to create Babylon for their VBS. 
Nolan loads pillars into OUR 15 pass van

Church van loaded with "stuff"
Bre and Nolan with the banner he and Arielle helped paint
We were in AWE when we went back to "the garage"  - we'd assumed all this would be stored in her and Donna's office...spilling over into the general office and possibly Pastor Kirk's office. ::snort:: 

Note all the little cubicles for each program in a local GARAGE

 Michael assures me when we have a real garage it will look like this

The notable exception to this organization was Bre's cubicle...the Children's Ministry section...
Bre assures me they'll all just know it's "VBS SEASON". ::snort:: 

I confess to a fair bit of green-eyed JEALOUSY over all this storage space....I noted the same in Michael - I suspect it's a typical chapel staff reaction. LOL 

Arielle went to youth group with Krista at Lively Stone Fellowship where Krista is a children's pastor who does a bit of many other things. 

Nolan is with Bre working on VBS marketplace posters. 

Michael and I are settling the younger ones into hotel beds for the night.....

Choosing Joy!
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