Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Alaskan House Hunt - Part 2

If you want to read Part 1 - Click here. Most photos are from the Internet and were taken by Alaska Virtual Digital Photos - as marked on the photos. 

Before we begin, or conclude if you read Part 1, if you're moving to the Anchorage/Valley area and need a realtor, we highly recommend Mark Mandigo and his team at Mandigo Manor Home Team - Office 907-223-8422.

Day 4 - Friday  found us driving up the  Hwy once again. We met Mark and went into two homes. The first one was lovely, but we really wanted chickens and we didn't want a lot of covenants.

We looked at the last house. It is a bit out of the city, is big enough to fit us all now, doesn't have a garage, garden spots, green house or hut tubs..... At this point we had narrowed our possibilities to three. The home we were about to look at, one that was nice but more money and one that we liked, but wasn't on the market.  This was the least expensive home; given we didn't know the price of the one that wasn't on the market.

If you know us, you know much of our ministry dreams revolve around hospitality. You know we've been living in 350 SF or less for the past two years.  You know our dreams have not panned out - we aren't missionaries in Japan, we aren't traveling around the US - we've been medically stranded by both our health and the health of others.

You may also remember we embraced the minimalist lifestyle, in order to move to Japan. We stored enough to furnish a SMALL HOME when we returned from Japan in 10 - 15 years and gave the rest away. We put our remaining household goods into storage and found out Michael had Parkinsons the next day. This changed our missionary plans.

Imagine our shock when this house fell into place. It's HUGE....we won't build a lot of guest houses and such - but we'll have plenty of room for guests INSIDE.  We have plans to give it a bit more "curb appeal" and we can build our own garden beds, garage and greenhouse. We are already researching wood stoves and such. The family moving out aren't leaving as many things as others were we're in the process of determining what will take priority to do or buy now. LOL

Yes - we made an offer, they countered, we accepted. Unless something unexpected shows on the inspection or appraisal, we will be closing on this home and moving into it well before the kids arrive with their families. It is nearly 6,000 SF, has six bedrooms - and two bonus rooms, it has several "living areas," a HUGE dining room, nearly 2 acres, safe stairs, and a fenced area for kids and pets.

We were all a bit stunned at the size of the entry - must have had institutional use
@ some point - we had looked at a nursing home previously - this is nicer. 

Entry way 
Living Room, Family Room or Game Room 
Bdr 1 with 1/2 bath
Kitchen - fridge goes....
We had been given a table that once sat in Hospitality House in Misawa, Japan. I did not want to get rid of the table and it is in storage. In each house we visited, I wondered if the table and china hutch would fit....not a problem here.....envisioning game nights and dinners....Through the door in the far wall is 2 rooms with an separate entrance to the house. 
Dining Room 
Bonus Room 1 
Looking through bonus room 1 to bonus room 2
Going up the stairs there is a big living area on the left - with a view and a balcony
Family room, Game room, Living room....
 This nook is to the right at the top of the stairs. Down the hall are 3 bedrooms, a laundry room and a couple of bathrooms. 

Bdr 2 
 There is a full bath and a 1/2 bath on each floor - I don't know why. 
Bdr 3 

Bdr 4

Nook at the top of the stairs - I hadn't noted the 3rd floor

Bdr 5 - third floor - 1/2 bath outside the door

Bdr 6 - Master Bedroom
 Photo doesn't do the view justice

Master bath - overwhelming considering the step up from an RV bathroom

Double Vanities 
 The kids say this is big enough to be another room - from an RV closet shared by 5 to THIS
Walk Through Closet
 And lots of moose poop outside....I suggested a cottage business making earrings....

We don't know WHY this is the only house that opened up - but it is. We spent the weekend praying about it. Monday, as we flew out of Alaska, Mark submitted our offer to the sellers. Monday, as we drove down to Oregon, we received a counter offer. Today, 23 May, we accepted the counter offer. Unless something shows up on the inspection or appraisal to stop the process....this will be the home we welcome the kids and their families too when they make their way to Alaska.