Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Cory made sure we knew today was the Honors Assembly at New Hope Christian College. We planned to be there by 10:15.

We were sitting with Josiah, looking at  a piece of real estate which seems to meet our needs and desires, when he said, "Aren't you going to the Honor's Assembly?" It was 10:15.  I put on makeup and off we raced across town.  We arrived in PLENTY of time to hear the pretty speeches and watch the academic honors and scholarships be awarded.

Mom's oncology physical therapist (now there's a mouthful) has been telling me we have "poppy kids." It's a term I've not heard before, she assures me it's good and means they are bright. She's convinced I'm brilliant - though I always share how the kids have far surpassed my educational achievement. I taught them to learn independently, provided materials, and they learned far more than I ever learned (i.e. I never had Chemistry or Calculus).

We're proud of CoRielle any day of the year - but today others acknowledged their greatness too. In each class two Honor pins are awarded. Silver and Gold pins. I can't remember the gpa required for each - but it's high. At the end of her Sophomore year, Arielle earned the GOLD pin - top GPA in her class.  You KNOW she hated parading to the platform....but we were there to take a picture so she had no out. πŸ˜‹ We were happy Cory told us about the event, Arielle told us "No big deal, you don't need to come."  Way to go, Baby Girl. It's not easy to maintain your grades, work, volunteer at your church,  AND be a newlywed! You are amazing!
Arielle & Will 

In addition to academic honors, scholarships for next year were awarded. Cory and Arielle were each awarded a scholarship for the fall semester!
There they are - on the left!
We're proud of the man and woman of God you two are. We're proud of your hard work in college and of the way you volunteer at your church.

Mostly, we just love you to the moon!