Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Week that Nearly Did Us In

Wow - haven't blogged for four days.

This was a hectic week. A great week though. Let's see what we've done since Wednesday.....

Thursday a.m. was MOPS. I enjoy this group of young moms. Arielle enjoys volunteering for Moppettes. Thursday afternoon was Bible study. Thursday night was PWOC Dinner and Movie. We watched, "One Night with the King" - hmmmm.....I liked the book better. ::snort::

From 09 December

Everyone continued to work on the triangular puzzle. We had devotions.....found a gift....stapled an ornament on our Jesse Tree.

Friday a.m. began with a 5 a.m. call to the states for PWOC stuff. We did school. The kids worked on more fish books. Stacia worked on Jesse Tree Ornaments.

From 09 December

I had a dental appointment. It was supposed to be for a cleaning. The tech doing xrays was new. It took THREE TIMES for them to get it right. Then the dentist said, "Why is the roof of your mouth all cut up?" Um.... ::snort:: They also told me my blood pressure was high and they should refer me for daily readings (um....20 min for a reading? I don't think so). Then the dentist came in and said, "Your blood pressure looks good!" ::snort:: THEN they asked me to come back on Monday for a cleaning. all that for xrays and to meet the dentist. They apologized but they were running behind schedule.
A nice side trip when going to dental appointments is the post office. The kids were happy to see what had arrived.
From 09 December

Ahlaska! Hot Chocolate is really not the best tasting hot chocolate around...but when your mom won't let you have artifical flavors or's exciting to have a case of Ahlaska "Chocolate". LOL

Zander got to pick the clue Thursday night....
From 09 December
He led the hunt to find the nights gifts - yoyos. This led to a demonstration by papa.
From 09 December

Friday afternoon we picked up Gracie and went back to the base to meet up with other PWOC ladies and their children. We visited a local Senior Citizens Center, took tanjobi (birthday) gifts, sang Happy Birthday, sang a Christmas carol in Japanese, gave Christmas cookies to the employees and a gift to our afternoon. I want to have a best friend like this in the nursing home with me when I'm 104 years old....
From 09 December

Twyla had put tinsel in the gift bags. The ladies were trying to put it on the tree but it was in clumps...another lady and I asked if we could decorate it the "American way". They all got a kick out of watching, we had fun, it did look nice...they said it looked like "yuki" - snow. Jared did the top for us. I'd show the photo of us ladies spreading Christmas cheer but the photographer got a rather unflattering view of my bohonkus.
From 09 December

Friday night Nolan found the gift on the top of our tankless water heater.
From 09 December
We wanted a couple of movies which I slept through.

Saturday a.m. began with an earlyish, 3 hour conference call, with our PWOC Asia Region board. Arielle woke up with a high fever and sore throat. Everyone was dragging. We sort of sat around most the day.

Mike and Nolan finished up the puzzle. Stacia likes counting the various animals in the puzzle. I have another puzzle in my stash...wonder if I dare sneak it into the advent gift line up. LOL

From 09 December

Arielle is still sick today. I stayed home with her and kept the little ones home. I made a yummy lunch. I made a salad for the staff party. Mike, Jared and Nolan went to the party. We had tea, visited, and now they are all watching a movie.

I also Skyped with Mom and Dad, Krista and Breanne.

Choosing Joy!
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